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In the spotlight, possum perfect!

Oh you have no idea about the rescues. This possum was a road pick up baby barely drop of love at a time. He is a big ole baby 1+ yrs.. They are very short lived and require a strict diet. Solitary animals. Wouldn't recommend to everyone, but for me he is just one of the most amazing furballs on the whole earth. They are so misunderstood and treated badly. 

He went from a teeny limp handful to a big ole baby. That's his retreat. Crashes there after running around all night.They are litter trained too. The cardboard behind him separates the rooster (9years) that has to come in to sleep so he doesn't wake up the neighborhood. The possum goes to bed by 8am, Then it's time for the rooster to go out at 9.. Quite a routine around here. 4 dogs. 2 cats. Plenty of birds turtles and fish pond. Don't like fleas they break the flow! Now you know.............!

We are dedicated to our customers

Parasite Patrol is committed to bring you only high quality, pure anti-parasite medications for your pets. We work hard to source our medications from a variety of trusted laboratories around the globe. We have had many happy customers through the years, and have a page dedicated to testimonials of our present customers.

Who do you help?

We offer many products to combat a variety of parasites across several species.​ In our store you will find Nitenpyram (trade name Capstar), Lufenuron (trade name Program), Fenbendazole (trade name Safeguard) and more as we make them available. We have many other products not always listed in our store so please contact us if you are looking for alternative medications.

What About Quality Assurance?

With Parasite Patrol you never have to worry about ineffective, lesser quality ingredients. Commitment to high quality, pure, effective, medications, independently tested to assure you, your animals are getting only our best! Our products are sourced globally from only the highest quality ingredients and reputable pharmaceutical companies around the world. We are able to offer these incredible low prices because of our buying power. We buy these products in massive quantities and pass the savings onto you, our valued customer. 

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